“I have enjoyed and benefitted enormously from the guidance of Adele and Pilates Tone over the past 15 years.
Now playing better golf and tennis Voltarin free and walking more upright with an improved posture.
Core Pilates is highly recommended for desk warriors like me with lower back damage and wonky knees.
Many thanks, Adele.” Kim

Pilates with Adele has been the best treatment for my tibia that was fractured after a skiing accident. Since then, Adele has structured a program for me that has made feel in control of my level of fitness even though I am in my forties. I love working through the various exercises both individually and with a small group of people who bring positive energy to each session. As a firm believer of the benefits of mindfulness, I have found that Adele’s sessions help me to focus on my body through each conscious breathing technique and exercise. Thank you, Adele, you have made a difference!
— Saji (4 year client)
PilatesTone has made a difference to my life as it is helping my fix my injuries. I have tried a lot of things and the Clinical classes at PilatesTone are working. They tailor the exercises to fit my requirements and the environment there is calming and relaxing. Not to mention the staff are very friendly, welcoming and expertise.
— Simon
I love how personalised the PilatesTone classes are and how I am always looked after here. I have had none to little back pain since I started here and for the past 5 years I’ve had no injuries thanks to the clinical classes which has resulted in limiting my time completely at the chiropractor - how great! The studio is close to home and I like the small intimate groups instead of large classes at most gyms and pilates studios. I would highly recommend doing the classes here at PilatesTone!
— Michele
I attend the PilatesTone classes because the instructors here are great and personal. They set me up for the week and the exercises are always varied so we don’t repeat the same classes all the time. The atmosphere is friendly and energetic which is why I look forward to my classes every week.
— Bob
I look forward to coming to Pilates every week. As I have had some injuries, regular Pilates classes have helped me return to regain my fitness as well as preventing further damage. I find that Adele’s classes are really enjoyable and yet continually challenging. She frequently varies the exercises and yet easily adapts them for everyone’s level of fitness or injury. And I meet other keen clients too. I highly recommend Adele’s classes if you want to get fit and have fun at the same time.
— Linde (12 year client)
My experience with PilatesTone began 2 months ago. Throughout this time I have attended 1-2 session per week, and I have never felt healthier. I have always consistently worked out, however have never felt or seen such amazing results since incorporating Pilates into my program. It is definitely one of the most challenging and efficient full body workout’s I have ever done. Adele and the team could not have been more welcoming. Their knowledge and experience ensures me that they know what they are doing and that they can help me achieve the results I want. The smaller class numbers creates a personalised environment in which the trainers can focus on us individually, and ensure our technique is correct to benefit fully from the class.
— Rebecca
The difference with PilatesTone is the personal connection and relationship you build with the instructors. They are professional and the classes they run are challenging and have other friendly clients. The location of the studio is very convenient for me. I always look forward to my PilatesTone classes.
— Megan
I credit Adele Pugliese of PilatesTone with not only my effective rehabilitation from a bulging disc, but also with prevention of further injury. From her keen and informed analysis, Adele individually crafted and graded a Pilates program that addressed my specific rehabilitation needs. Adele has since taken me forward in understanding the preventative role of core strength and control. I am now considerably less vulnerable to injury and know how to address minor issues so they do not escalate. Every session addresses my individual needs, but the small classes are fun as well! I have confidence that as long as I stick with Adele, I will continue to physically manage the active working and social life I enjoy! 
Thank you Adele! 
— Kathy (12 year client)
I immediately noticed a difference in the classes at PilatesTone as there was a high energy atmosphere. I like the intimacy of the classes and how the team there at PilatesTone really get to know you. individually. They focus on your body and the exercises are always different, yet adaptable. Would highly recommend their classes, you’ll definitely notice a difference.
— Judy
I highly commend PilatesTone. They have educated me about my body and about body awareness during my time here. The friendly instructors use proper techniques and I like the way we do certain exercises that are tailored to suit my needs. The relationship and one on one classes provided here with Adele have made a difference for me and my body.
— Rachel