Reformer Flow

The REFORMER FLOW is a BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE class that incorporates basic pilates techniques to develop optimal core strength, flat abs and  lean thighs and arms. Perfect for new clients starting Pilates. This class is also good for pregnant women-conditions apply. This is a beginner/Intermediate class. 45 mins


REFORMER Stretch & tone

This class combines reformer conditioning exercises with deep stretches and myofascial release. Excellent for releasing muscle tightness, injury prevention and restore postural balance.  This is a beginner/Intermediate class. 45 mins

YOGA or Meditation

Gita Yoga is a synthesised system of sequential postures which balance h hormones, tone up the central nervous system, switch on the brain & allow us to become whole, happy fulfilled beings! Great for beginner/Intermediate clients. 60 mins

Meditation class is the process of quieting the mind in order to spend time in thought fo relaxation purposes. The goal s to attain an inner state of awareness and intensify personal growth.


The PilatesTone Matwork is a fusion of classical and modern Pilates combined with cardio, strength and flexibility.  Matwork Pilates helps you understand the basic floor principles that help you understand what your body is supposed to do and will get you ready to do a reformer class with ease. This is a beginner/Intermediate class. 45 mins

REFORMER dynamic

A low impact high intensity class for legs/butt/Abs combining innovative modern cardio trampolines for 25 mins and 20 minutes of traditional pilates elements to offer an all-in-one workout.  This is advanced class for experienced pilates clients Where technique and strength are important. 45 mins

Reformer FUzion

Newest Class-FUZION. A mixture of HIIT & Reformer Pilates. A full body workout including cardio & strength exercises with a specific work to rest ratio. Mixing these 2 forms of training work small & large muscles. An advanced class for experienced pilates clients Where technique and strength are important. 45 mins


First Timers

$50 - 5 Classes /14 Days

*new clients only / valid from date of first class


Deals you can start with asap

$95 - 5 classes 21 days

$235 - 12 classes 2 mths

3 Month Contract direct debit

$55 weekly / 5 classes

$220 monthly / 20 classes

Class packs valid 6 mth

$140 5 classes

$245 10 classes

$450 20 classes

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates involves an Initial Consultation to determine your specific Pilates requirements.  This class is suitable for ALL, including pregnant women.  A 30 minute postural screening is undertaken, often in conjunction with your Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Doctor is how we best tailor your individual Pilates program.  Our specialist Pilates Practitioners then design an individual program to meet your needs.   Supervised closely to provide for one-on-one attention in a group of 2-4 clients. 60 mins.

Clinical Classes valid 6 mth

$210 : 5 classes / $400 : 10 classes / $570 : 15 classes / $45 : Casual class