Reformer - beg/intermediate

The PilatesTone Reformer class is the best way to develop optimal core strength, flat abs and strong lean thighs and arms. The Reformer equipment provides resistance with springs and straps and is challenging yet controlled to ensure your body achieves an invigorating total body workout.



Become stronger, more flexible and recover from muscle pain with this brand new class. Inspired by stretch therapy, trigger point therapy and Yin Yoga, this class combines reformer conditioning exercises with deep stretches and myofascial release. Excellent for releasing muscle tightness, injury prevention and restore postural balance.



Pilates_Tone  Matwork

The PilatesTone Matwork is a fusion of classical and modern Pilates combined with cardio, strength and flexibility, which sets our class apart from others. We burn and tone muscles using our favourite props, weights, bands, balls and magic circles. Every PilatesTone Matwork session is unique, challenging and never boring!


A low impact high intensity class combining innovative modern cardio trampolines and  pilates elements with elongating reformer work to offer an all-in-one workout. Guaranteed to make you sweat!